Katie Murray featured at Saatchi Online Magazine

Photographer Katie Murray’s series entitled “Lost Boys” was featured at Saatchi Online. The work was selected by Rebecca Wilson. Wilson is the former editor of both ArtReview and Modern Painters.

“Lost Boys” is a result of Katie Murray’s travels with the prog-punk band, An Albatross. These pictures are portraits of boys/young men, generally in their teens and early twenties, which reference the history of portraiture in photography by engaging in a similar subject matter to that of Brassais work in the 1920s. They also infer the formal and psychological aspects of August Sander and Diane Arbus portraits. This work was made up and down the east coast of the United States at various noise punk shows, where a specific kind of androgynous sub-culture exists. Here, there is a sense of rebellion, as if this is a last stance against conventional societal. They revel in their isolation from the norm, however uncomfortable.

To view Katie’s series online, click here.

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Katie Murray curated show reviewed by Artforum

Review from Artforum:

New York
2 Hylan Boulevard
July 1–September 5

The word house conjures grim associations these days. The recent collision of the invisible hand of the market with fantasies of domesticity forms a subtle undercurrent for this group show of American photographers who mine the familiar allegiance between the camera and familial environments. Installed in the stately Victorian mansion where the nineteenth-century photographer Alice Austen lived and worked (until it was repossessed after the crash of 1929), “Housed” scrutinizes the idea of home in the age of foreclosure.


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Katie Murray Curates Exhibition @ Alice Austen House Museum


Curated by Katie Murray and Joseph Maida
July 1 – September 5, 2010
Opening reception: Sunday, July 11, from 2-7pm

The Alice Austen House Museum is pleased to announce its 2010 summer exhibition, HOUSED. This group show marks the curatorial debut of artists Katie Murray and Joseph Maida.

HOUSED draws from Murray’s and Maida’s ongoing dialog with fellow photographers and video artists who explore fresh approaches to the subject matter of home. The individuals included in this exhibition are successors to a generation of American artists whose photographs interpret social, cultural, and political events through the restaging of personal occurrences in suburban living rooms and backyards. While this previous generation depicts the literal stage and accompanying narratives of domestic life, the artists in Housed present a more analytical approach to the American home. HOUSED contextualizes the works of thirteen living artists by exhibiting them, alongside the work of Victorian-era photographer Alice Austen, in Austen’s historic home on Staten Island.

HOUSED includes Kathryn Parker Almanas, Alice Austen, David Deutsch, Matt Ducklo, Benjamin Donaldson, Kyle Ganson, Peter Garfield, Christopher Miner, Catherine Opie, Abby Robinson, Victoria Sambunaris, Peter Stanglmayr, Penelope Umbrico, and Jessica Watson.

This exhibition is accompanied by a critical essay, “A Guided Tour,” written by Susan Bright and made possible by the generous support of Dear Dave Magazine.

Katie Murray and Joseph Maida met as graduate students at Yale School of Art in 1999 and are on the faculty, along with Susan Bright, at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.   Katie Murray is also on the faculty of Hunter College In New York City.

For further information about HOUSED, or to obtain writing or images, please contact the Alice Austen House Museum Curator, Paul Moakley, by telephone at (718) 816-4506 or send an email to housedtheshow@gmail.com.

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In Katie Murray’s video of a high school girls’ drill team in Queens, New York, images, movement, and sound converge to offer a riveting collective portrait and commentary on the nature of femininity, urban popular culture, group dynamics, and contemporary ritual. Girls in 4/4, Murray’s first video, is strongly related to her bodies of photographic work that centers on images of youth and family. The drill team depicted is one in which her younger sister participated during her high school years; over this four year period Murray observed and experimented with various ways to portray the team, drawn to the powerful imagery of its precision and focus. First attempting and then ultimately rejecting still photography as too static for the subject at hand, Murray turned to video as a way to best convey the dynamic presence of the team in action and most importantly, the thunderous noise produced by its footsteps.

Girls in 4/4 opens June 12, 2010, from 7-10pm and runs through July 31, 2010. World Class Boxing is open Monday through Friday 10am-5pm, and is located at 170 NW 23rd Street, Miami FL 33127.