Photographer Jesse Rieser for National Geographic

Jesse photographed Dr. Ariane Middel with MaRTy (Median Radiant Temperature Robot). Dr. Middel is working towards a paper, “50 Grades of Shade,” exploring how different types of shade impact radiate temps. Does shade of a tree cast a different temperature than the shade from a building? And what does this mean for city planning as we address climate change and rising temps in desert cities? These portraits are part of a larger project exploring climate change and it’s effect on populations around the world. 

Photographer: Jesse Rieser
Client: National Geographic
Photo Editor: Dominique Hildebrand

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Photographer Jesse Rieser for BuzzFeed

Photographer: Jesse Rieser
Client: Buzzfeed
Photo Editor: Pia Peterson

Jesse provided photography for an article entitled “A Police Officer Killed Jacob Harris, But His Unarmed Friends Were Charged With His Murder” which investigates the prosecution of those who are unarmed or not even at the scene when police officers kill someone. The man In the images below is Harris’ father, Roland Harris. 

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