Cathrine Wessel for Marks and Spencer

Photographer Cathrine Wessel shot on location in Los Angeles for Marks and Spencer Department Stores.

Art director: Kate Goode
Model: Cyril with Select
Stylist: Michelle Cameron @ Frank Reps
Groomer: Lesley McMenamin @ the Magnet Agency

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Cathrine Wessel for Esprit

Photographer Cathrine Wessel shot the sports clothing line for apparel company, Esprit.
Creative Director: Stephen Hall
Art Director: Thorsten Ruhnau

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Cathrine Wessel F&F Apparel Project

Client: F&F Apparel Spring + Summer 2011
Photographer: Cathrine Wessel
Agency: Veasey O’Donnel
Art Director: Becky O’Donnel
Styling: Luis Rodrigues
Make up: Helen Walsh
Hair: Carmel Bianco

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Cathrine Wessel for Boden Mens Clothing

What Cathrine loves about shooting for long time client Boden Clothing is that they always want to create a story and show the clothes as people would wear them in real life. To Cathrine, it can feel like she’s making a documentary more than shooting a clothing catalog. This project is called “A Road Story.” Cathrine, her crew, the models, and the clients drove from San Fransisco to LA along the Highway One coastline. They stopped frequently to enjoy the wonderful scenery and the ocean. Cathrine’s imagery captured those moments.
Art Director: Matt Brooke
Stylist: Lee Holmes
Groomer: Matt Rain
Production provided by Boden

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