Ture Lillegraven “movie” feature for ESPN Magazine

Ture worked with ESPN’s Director of Photography, Catriona Ni Aolain, and Photo Editor, Nancy Weisman, to recreate scenes from famous movies with well known athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones, Chad Ochocinco, Ryan Miller, Felix Hernandez, Garrett Olson, Baron Davis, Terry Kennedy, and Danica Patrick.
ESPN let these star athletes choose their favorite scenes, and they really had a great time.
Ture’s photo of Lindsey Vonn is on the cover of ESPN’s “Movie Spectacular” issue dressed as Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct.”

Check out Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones and Chad Ochochino in ESPN’s version of a scene from “The Hangover.”

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Therese Aldgard’s Hamptons story for Plaza Magazine

Anderson Hopkins’ photographer Therese Aldgard worked with Anderson Hopkins’ hair and make-up artist Nicole Heffron to shoot a fashion story in the Hamptons for the magazine Plaza and their fashion editor, Carmencita Lundsten. Hair by Katsumi Matsuo.

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Karan Kapoor Awards Update

IPA AWARDS 2010 – 12 honorable mentions in eight different categories
PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP – 5 nominations for this year’s award show.
Congratulations Karan!

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