Sep 18

Ture Lillegraven photographed Donovan Mitchell for adidas

Ture shot famed Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell for the adidas basketball line.

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: adidas
Producer: Jessica Piele

Sep 18

Photographer Kevin Zacher for Tidal Magazine

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Tidal Magazine
Art Director: Maryalice Eckart
Stylist: Morgan Gibbons

Sep 18

Troye Sivan by Ramona Rosales for Entertainment Weekly

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Magazine: Entertainment Weekly
Photo Editors: Greg Garry + Natalie Gialluca

Sep 18

Morrison Gallery Hip Hop photo exhibit x Clay Patrick McBride

Join Clay on September 27th, 2018, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, at the Morrison Gallery for a photo exhibit featuring photography of Hip Hop artists. Morrison Gallery is located at 119 Prince Street in New York.

Photographer: Clay Patrick McBride

Sep 18

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for The Wall Street Journal

Ricky photographed a poured concrete home in Long Island, New York, for a story about using concrete as a building material due to its strength and energy efficiency.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: The Wall Street Journal
Photo Editor: Kat Mallott

Sep 18

Justin Bettman photographed Stefflon Don for Billboard

Photographer: Justin Bettman
Client: Billboard
Photo Editors: Amelia Halverson, Jennifer Laski + Jenny Sargent

Sep 18

Collin Hughes photography for Tokyo based Transit Magazine

Collin photographed a ten page feature for Transit Magazine entitled “Across the System.” The article explores the variety of influences in New York city’s art scene from the streets of outer boroughs to the Museum of Modern Art.

Photographer: Collin Hughes
Client: Transit Magazine
Photo Editor: Maki Tsuga

Sep 18

Mansur Gavriel feature photographed by Ricky Rhodes

Ricky was tasked by Monocle Magazine to photograph designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel and showcase pieces in the Mansur Gavriel product line.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: Monocle
Photo Editor: Shin Miura

Sep 18

Photographer Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Men’s Health Magazine
Photo Editor: Jeanne Graves

Sep 18

Booooooom Magazine announces AMA with Elizabeth Weinberg

Booooooom Magazine announced in a recent article (featured images below) that photographer Elizabeth Weinberg will be on their “Ask Me Anything” interview on Wednesday, September 19th, from Noon to 2pm PST. Booooooom Slack Community members can post a question to Elizabeth in the #ama channel ahead of time and chat with her live on Wednesday.