Jul 18

Cocktails photographed by Lisa Shin for “The Girlfriend”

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: “The Girlfriend”| AARP
Deputy Photo Director: Caitlin Peters

Jul 18

Ricky Rhodes photographed Sabah owner Mickey Ashmore for Courier

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Magazine: Courier
Managing Editor: Tomas Jivanda

Jul 18

Vulture’s 2018 Emmy Studio by Ramona Rosales

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Vulture | New York Magazine
Art Director, Photography + Visuals: Maya Robinson

Jul 18

Swimsuit photography by Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher

Jul 18

Photographer Justin Bettman for GQ

Justin photographed the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race for a roundtable on the future of drag.
Photographer: Justin Bettman
Magazine: GQ
Senior Photo Editor: Alex Reside
Visuals Editor: Matthew Martin

Jul 18

Surf story photographed by Jessica Sample for Coastal Living

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Client: Coastal Living
Photo Editor: Lindsey Stone

Jul 18

Mens’ accessories photographed by Lisa Shin for Bloomingdales

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Bloomingdales
Art Director: Kelly Aplin
Producer: Lyndsay Senerchia


Jul 18

Amber Gray photographed Superfruit for Paper Magazine

Amber photographed Superfruit, the musical and comedy duo consisting of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying. Both are also members of the a cappella group Pentatonix, and additionally have a successful YouTube channel.
Photographer: Amber Gray
Magazine: Paper
Photo Editor: Justin Moran

Jul 18

Baja California photographed by Ricky Rhodes for Monocle

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Magazine: Monocle
Photo Editor: Shin Miura

Jul 18

Director Clay Patrick McBride for Kavalry Records

Director: Clay Patrick McBride
Client: Kavalry Records
Artist Management: Hardin Bourke Entertainment | Chris Hardin
Artist: LIVE
Song: “Love Lounge”