Range Rover Velar photographed by Alex Bernstein

Inspired by the otherworldly nature of the location, a hidden gem in the Mojave Desert, and the hyper-modern looks of the new Range Rover Velar, Alex collaborated with the creative retouching firm, Recom Farmhouse, to create a set of images that reflect the beauty and solitude of this quite alien place.

Photographer: Alex Bernstein

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“#Set in the Street” photo series by photographer Justin Bettman

#SetintheStreet is an ongoing art + photography project by Justin Bettman. It consists of creating elaborate sets in public spaces using unwanted materials and furniture (much of which is found on the street) and then photographing scenes within these sets. Afterwards, the sets remain allowing passersby to shoot their own photos and share them using the Instagram hashtag #setinthestreet. Justin’s latest installation was located in front of the Rudolfinum building in Prague.

Photographer: Justin Bettman

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