Mar 17

Travel photography by Karan Kapoor

Kapoor photographed the Tarifa Fair in Spain.

Photographer: Karan Kapoor

Mar 17

Jeff Zwart driving vintage Porsche PreA 356 by Alex Bernstein

Bernstein shot American commercial film director, author, photographer, cameraman and race car driver Jeff Zwart with his rare 1953 Porsche PreA 356 on the set of an upcoming video by Will Roegge.

Photographer: Alex Bernstein

Mar 17

Amber Gray’s Fashion Editorial for Twelv Magazine

Photographer: Amber Gray
Client: Twelv Magazine | Jill Sander Navy
Fashion Editor: Yu Watanabe

Mar 17

Photographer Chris Sanders for Two Roads Hospitality

Photographed at the Thompson Hotel in Nashville, TN.

Photographer: Chris Sanders
Client: Two Roads Hospitality | Thompson Hotels
Marketing Director: Lisa Bush
Director of Branding: Jeff Tomczek

Mar 17

Photographer Lisa Shin for Mast Brothers

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Mast Brothers
Marketing Director: Elizabeth Denault

Mar 17

Joey Bada$$ shot by Ramona Rosales

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Billboard
Photo Editor: Jenny Sargent

Mar 17

Photo District News features Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg

Weinberg’s photography is discussed on PDN’s “What AFAR Looks For In The Photographers It Hires” business article.

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg

Mar 17

Director Alex Bernstein’s Automotive Video

Director: Alex Bernstein
DP: Jeffrey Vogeding
Post Production: Recom Farmhouse Film Division
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez
Music by: Ian Miller
Drone: Pavel Suslov
Casting: Donna Grossman Casting
Model: Brooks Forester (Wilhelmina)

Mar 17

Ricky Rhodes interviewed by WIRED

WIRED Magazine interviewed Ricky Rhodes to ask about his assignment to photograph the TimkenSteel factories for use in the company’s marketing. The photos capture the imposing presence of their factory (one is the size of 20 football fields) and “…is bathed in a red glow (with) molten steel bubbles in giant cauldrons” along with the intensity of the process which “…turns two million tons of junked cars, old appliances, and other scrap into new steel” and gives the viewer a glimpse into a rarely seen world where “everything … is hot, loud, and dangerous.”

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes

Mar 17

Kids apparel photography by Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Pink Chicken
Creative Director: Stacey Fraser