Director Tim Jones workout video

Director: Tim Jones
Client: Sports Unlimited Models and Talent
Creative Director: Molly Nelson
Art Director: Dave Weiss

The workout video was shot as an online ad for Sports Unlimited Models and Talent in Portland.
The idea was to highlight the athletic skills and abilities of their models. Shot on the Lewis And Clark College campus Portland, OR.

Workout from Tim Jones on Vimeo.

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Anton Watts for Hyundai Genesis

Photographer: Anton Watts
Client: Hyundai
Agency: Innocean Worldwide
Creative Director: Robert Prims
Senior Art Director: Tom Gibson
Art Producer/Buyer: Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi

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Karan Kapoor’s “Jumping” photo series

Karan Kapoor’s ongoing photography series captures the moment when his subjects are caught in mid air. Karan has been documenting people jumping for many years, and his portfolio showcases many images that are part of this series.

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