Clay Patrick McBride exhibition at Morrison Gallery

The Morrison Hotel Gallery, known as the place to purchase fine art music photography, is now showing the work of Clay Patrick McBride. The gallery describes Clay as having “developed a style of portraiture that celebrated and empowered the subject with humor and honesty” while being “characterized by … stark beauty, surrealist imagery and a tendency towards experimentation.”

Clay Patrick McBride as featured on the Morrison Gallery website.

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Lisa Shin Magazine Photography

Photographer: Lisa Shin

Client (fruit): Shop Smart Aug 2011 Cover
Photo Editor: Karen Shinbaum
Creative Director: Melissa Plonchak
Food Stylist: Brett Krezweil
Retoucher: Nanah Yun

Client (cucumber): Prevention Aug 2011
Story: Seasonal Seven
Photo Editor: Rebecca Simpson Steele
Styling: Philip Shubin
Retoucher: Nanah Yun

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Zacher, Hoff, Baruch, Matsuo + Heffron for Invisalign

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Wardrobe Stylist: Doreen Hoff
Prop Stylist: Eyal Baruch
Hair Stylist: Katsumi Matsuo
Make-up Artist: Nicole Heffron
Client: Invisalign
Agency: Wunderman
Creative Director: Susie Lim
Art Directors: Jason Campos + Keith Barney
Art Producers: Elayna Rocha + Jamie Applebaum

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