Michael Lavine for Bust Magazine

Michael Lavine shot indie food sensation, Chef Sam Kim, for Bust Magazine’s article about the proliferation of female chefs in the indie food scene.

Photographer: Michael Lavine
Client: Bust Magazine – “A Food Star is Born”
Creative Director: Laurie Henzel

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Kevin Zacher Foam Magazine Cover and Feature

Photographer Kevin Zacher shot Maya Gabeira, the famous big wave surfer, for Foam Magazine.

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Foam Magzine
Fashion Editor: Kristina Dechter
Stylist: Alexandra Cassaniti
Hair: Tony Vin
Makeup: Tsipporah Ilebman

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Clay Patrick McBride for ESPN Magazine

Clay shot this backyard fighting match in Miami Florida. The fight promoter was Dada 5000 who is famous for his staging of backyard MMA fights and the success of fighter Kimbo Slice.

Photographer: Clay Patrick McBride
Client: ESPN Magazine
Photo Editor: Jennifer Aborn

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Ture Lillegraven’s Spin Magazine Covers

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Spin Magazine, The Success Issue, July 2011
Photo Editor: Michelle Egiziano

Ture Lillegraven shot three alternate covers and the images accompanying each story. The musicians featured are garage punks Black Lips, Brit sensations Arctic Monkeys, and Midwest balladeer Bon Iver each of whom currently enjoys the spoils of differing kinds of success.

Spin Magazine Success Issue Online.

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