Ed James photography for American Express interactive project

This American Express online interactive campaign was filmed off of a screen as a demonstration of the new American Express Zync card. Photographer and Director Ed James shot these still lifes with new media in mind, so although the shooting was technically the same, he had to shoot in layers for the animations to be completed.

Art Director: Robert Wakeland
Creative Director: Chris Mitton
Prop Stylist: Christian Galuppi

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Amber Gray editorial feature

Photographer: Amber Gray
Magazine: Marie Claire – December 2010
Photo Editor: Gao Heng
Styist: Guillaume Boulez
Makeup: David Tibolla
Hair: Shlomi Mor
Models: Vibeke, Diana, Kim, Read + Danny Chen

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Anton Watts Lexus project for Team One

Photographer Anton Watts did all photography on the top image including shooting the car. With the lower two images, Anton worked to incorporate CGI cars into his background photography.
Photographer: Anton Watts
Agency: Team One
Art Director: Julia Hasbrook
Art Buyer: Jason Lau

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Cathrine Wessel F&F Apparel Project

Client: F&F Apparel Spring + Summer 2011
Photographer: Cathrine Wessel
Agency: Veasey O’Donnel
Art Director: Becky O’Donnel
Styling: Luis Rodrigues
Make up: Helen Walsh
Hair: Carmel Bianco

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Lisa Shin for Fitness Magazine

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Fitness Magazine, January 2011, New Diet Rules + Eat Right News
Photo Editor: Tara Canova
Food Stylist: Margarette Adams
Retoucher: Nanah Yun

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