Feb 19

Photographer Mike Seehagel for Vancouver Tourism

Photographer: Mike Seehagel
Client: Vancouver Tourism
Agency: McCann
Creative Directors: Trent Burton + Mark Lovely
Producer: Jacqueline Bellmore

Dec 18

Photographer Jessica Sample for Suitcase Magazine

Jessica traveled to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam for this story.

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Deputy Digital Editor: Gilly Hopper
Client: Suitcase Magazine

Nov 18

Photographer Mike Seehagel for Travel Alberta

Photographer: Mike Seehagel
Client: Travel Alberta
Agency: Critical Mass
Creative Director: Christiaan Welzel
Producer: Alissa Hansen

Aug 18

San Antonio photographed by Jessica Sample for National Geographic

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Magazine: National Geographic
Photo Editor: Anne Farrar

Aug 18

Fiji photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg for Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Magazine: Tiny Atlas Quarterly
Photo Editor: Deborah Hearey

May 18

Jessica Sample photography for Endless Vacation

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Magazine: Endless Vacation
Photo Editor: Danielle Lamp
Location: Jamaica 

Apr 18

Photographer Jessica Sample for Coastal Living

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Magazine: Coastal Living
Photo Editor: Lindsey Stone
Story: “11 Fabulous Things to Do in Panama City, Panama”

Aug 17

Jackson Hole captured by photographer Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher

Jul 17

“Fishermen of Tanzania” photographed by Karan Kapoor

Early morning at a fishing village in Mafia Island, Tanzania.
Photographer: Karan Kapoor