Feb 19

Photographer Peter Dawson’s running story

Peter’s project was centered around creating the dream-like, meditative state that often accompanies endurance activities like running by highlighting the psychological side of athletic performance.

Photographer: Peter Dawson
Fitness Model: Maconnie Dukuly

Feb 19

New fitness story by photographer Peter Dawson

Photographer: Peter Dawson

Sep 18

Ture Lillegraven photographed Donovan Mitchell for adidas

Ture shot famed Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell for the adidas basketball line.

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: adidas
Producer: Jessica Piele

Aug 18

Photographer Ture Lillegraven for Reebok

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Reebok
Art Director: Shawn Weatherbee
Producer: Jess Oldham