Aug 17

Cataract Canyon photo essay by Rush Jagoe

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Location: Cataract Canyon, Utah

Jul 17

Rush Jagoe’s Caribbean rhum photo essay

Jagoe spent a few days traveling through the Caribbean to photograph how rhum is made in Martinique, Jamaica, and Barbados.

“Every island had its own feel. Jamaica was lively and dangerous, the people were more willing to spill their hearts and open their homes. Barbados was sleepy. Its beautiful coastal villages seem to close up when the sun goes down, while one or two rum joints will tend to stay open late as a local watering hole and restaurant. I loved getting to see the different climates in Martinique and tasting the differences in rhum made with cane grown on the arid coast versus rhum made in the rainforest at the foot of a dormant volcano.”

Photographer: Rush Jagoe

Jun 17

Photographer Rush Jagoe for Airbnbmag

Jagoe photographed the local scene in Savannah for the first issue of Hearst’s new print publication, Airbnbmag.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client | Magazine: Airbnb
Director of Photography: Natasha Lunn
Photo Editor: Gabrielle Sirkin


Jun 17

Rush Jagoe photography for Popular Mechanics

Jagoe photographed crawfish farmer Romey David styled in contemporary workwear for Popular Mechanics.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Magazine: Popular Mechanics
Director of Photography: Allyson Torrisi

Jun 17

Rush Jagoe shoot for Delish.com

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: Delish.com
Producers: Suze Lee and Sarah Kalagvano

May 17

Photographer Rush Jagoe for Modern Farmer

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: Modern Farmer
Director of Photography: Lila Garnett
Location: Grow Dat Youth Farm

Apr 17

Rush Jagoe’s photo essay for the New Orleans Airlift

Jagoe’s work from an ongoing project exploring the commercial fishing communities in collaboration with the New Orleans Airlift.

New Orleans Airlift is an artist-driven initiative that collaborates and creates alongside the artists and communities we support.

Airlift was founded in 2008 by musician and artist manager Jay Pennington and Delaney Martin, a multi-media installation artist, as a response to the unparalleled destruction of Hurricane Katrina and its devastating aftermath which left local artists, like all New Orleanians, struggling for their lives and livelihoods.

Apr 17

Photographer Rush Jagoe for Amtrak

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: INK Global | Amtrak The National
Photo Director: Jessica Adler

Mar 17

‘Mangrove Restoration’ by Photographer Rush Jagoe

Jagoe photographed ecologists working at Lafourche Parish in Louisiana with Tierra Resources, where they conserve, protect and restore coastal wetland ecosystems.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe

Feb 17

Rush Jagoe photography for EnRoute

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: EnRoute
Photo Editor: Lori Morgan