Jun 17

Rush Jagoe shoot for Delish.com

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: Delish.com
Producers: Suze Lee and Sarah Kalagvano

Apr 17

Rush Jagoe’s photo essay for the New Orleans Airlift

Jagoe’s¬†work from an ongoing project exploring the commercial fishing communities in collaboration with the New Orleans¬†Airlift.

New Orleans Airlift is an artist-driven initiative that collaborates and creates alongside the artists and communities we support.

Airlift was founded in 2008 by musician and artist manager Jay Pennington and Delaney Martin, a multi-media installation artist, as a response to the unparalleled destruction of Hurricane Katrina and its devastating aftermath which left local artists, like all New Orleanians, struggling for their lives and livelihoods.