Nov 18

Photographer Clay Patrick McBride’s photo series “Provincetown Carnival”

Clay traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts to document their annual carnival for his new photo series.

Photographer: Clay Patrick McBride

Nov 18

Jessica Sample photographed Ellen Bennett for The Wall Street Journal

Jessica photographed Ellen Bennett, co-owner of the renowned apron company Hedley & Bennett.

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Client: The Wall Street Journal
Photo Editors: Leah Latella + Angela Owens

Oct 18

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for Wired Magazine

Ricky photographed mechanic Matt Dawe deconstructing a 1974 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine for WIRED’s new series, [De]constructed.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: WIRED | Conde Nast Entertainment
Production Manager: Josh Young

Oct 18

Fashion story with Ally Ott photographed by Justin Bettman

Photographer: Justin Bettman
Client: Industry Management

Oct 18

Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolf shot by Ramona Rosales for Amazon Studios

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Amazon Studios | Forever
Creative Directors: Vanessa Gottlieb, Valerie Madden, and James Scythes
Head of Photo and Video: Brenna Britton
Producer: Jared Harrell

Oct 18

NYC’s W.4th St. Basketball Players photographed by Ricky Rhodes

Ricky photographed players at the famous W.4th basketball courts in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes

Oct 18

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg for CSAA Insurance

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: CSAA | AAA
Brand + Creative Director: Svetlana Royzen
Creative Strategy + Production: Lightbox Libraries
Creative Strategist: Cindy Lee
Producer: Jeanne Fleming

Oct 18

Amber Gray photographed Andi Matichak

Photographer: Amber Gray
Client: BUST Magazine
Creative Director: Laurie Henzel

Oct 18

Photographer Jessica Sample for T: The New York Times Style Magazine

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Client: T: The New York Times Style Magazine
Photo Editor: Jamie Sims

Oct 18

Collin Hughes photography for The New York Times Store

Photographer: Collin Hughes
Client: The New York Times
Art Director: Gabriela Alford