Feb 18

Noah Fecks photography for Air’s Champagne Parlor

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Air’s Champagne Parlor
Client Contact: Ariel Arce

Feb 18

Lisa Shin photography for Marie Claire

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Magazine: Marie Claire
Photo Editor: Lauren Brown
Stylist: Megumi Emoto

Feb 18

“Kids at Play” – a photography project by Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher

Feb 18

“The 100 Most Jewish Foods” by Noah Fecks for Tablet Magazine

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Magazine: Tablet
Story: The 100 Most Jewish Foods
Editor: Alana Newhouse

Feb 18

Photographer Ramona Rosales for AMC Networks

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Comic Book Men | AMC Networks
Vice President of Photography: Christine Ramage

Feb 18

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg for GQ

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Magazine: GQ
Photo Editor: Alex Reside
Subject: Janeela Jamil

Feb 18

Lisa Shin’s “prism” magazine photography

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Magazine: Health
Creative Director: Andrea Dunham
Photo Editors: Sarah Fernando + Ilana Schweber

Feb 18

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for Trek Bikes

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: Trek Bicycle Corporation
Marketing Manager: Emily Bremer

Jan 18

Lena Waithe by Ramona Rosales for Entertainment Weekly

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Magazine: Entertainment Weekly
Photo Editor: Richard Maltz
Subject: Lena Waithe

Jan 18

Collin Hughes photography for Levi’s Commuter apparel

Photographer: Collin Hughes
Client: Levi’s Commuter | Levi Strauss & Co.
Agency: Imprint Projects
Project Manager: Jack Foley