Apr 18

Ramona Rosales photographed Samira Wiley for Bustle

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Magazine: Bustle
Photo Editor: Clare Thigpen


Apr 18

Photographer Jessica Sample for C Magazine

Photographer: Jessica Sample
Client: C Magazine
Photo Editor: Maya Harris
Subject: Jesse Kamm

Apr 18

Rush Jagoe’s Gulf Coast photo essay

Jagoe photographed a road trip from New Orleans to the Florida Panhandle.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: airbnbmag
Photo Editor: Katie Dunn

Apr 18

Storm Chasing in Owens Valley by Peter Dawson

Photographer: Peter Dawson
Location: Owens Valley, CA

Apr 18

Photographer Alex Bernstein for Mazda

Photographer: Alex Bernstein
Client: Mazda
Agency: Redwood Publishing
Art Director: Matthew Reynolds

Apr 18

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg’s Airbnb campaign

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Agency: AKQA
Client: Airbnb
Creative Director: Eric Cruz
Art Director: Morris Lee

Apr 18

Mercury Racing story photographed by Ricky Rhodes

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Magazine: Popular Mechanics
Associate Creative Director: Allyson Torrisi
Associate Photo Editor: Ida Garland
Story: “Why Chevy Needs This Naturally Aspirated, Wisconsin-Built V-8”

Apr 18

Photographer Kevin Zacher for Pink Chicken Spring 2018

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Pink Chicken
Creative Director: Stacey Fraser

Apr 18

Ramona Rosales photographed Shaun White for Men’s Health

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Magazine: Men’s Health
Photo Editor: Sally Berman

Apr 18

Photographer Collin Hughes for Samsung QLED TV

Photographer: Collin Hughes
Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Creative Director: Jungho Kang
Art Director: Soyeon Yoo
Producer: Tony Choi