Oct 18

Collin Hughes photography for The New York Times Store

Photographer: Collin Hughes
Client: The New York Times
Art Director: Gabriela Alford

Oct 18

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for Singapore Airlines

Ricky photographed New York City’s waterfront for Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Magazine.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: Singapore Airlines
Publisher: Ink Global
Art Director: Jamie Sage
Photo Editor: Aaron Low

Oct 18

Justin Bettman photographed actress Carrie Coon

Photographer: Justin Bettman
Client: Chicago Magazine
Director of Photography: Martha Williams
Art Director: Katherine Shady

Oct 18

Photographer Ture Lillegraven for Zico

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Zico
Agency: Anomaly
Creative Director: Mark Sarosi
Art Director: Cam Bell
Art Producer: Cameron Ford

Oct 18

Ramona Rosales photographed Busy Philipps

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Bust Magazine
Creative Director: Laurie Henzel

Oct 18

Elizabeth Weinberg photographed Mountain Man for Nonesuch Records

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: Nonesuch Records
Vice President, Publicity: Melissa Cusick
New Media & Publicity: Chad DePasquale
Artist Management: c3 Management | Martin Anderson

Oct 18

Kevin Garnett photographed by Ricky Rhodes for Slam

NBA Legend and AND1 Creative Director Kevin Garnett photographed for SLAM.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: SLAM
Photo Editor: Alexis Cook
Editor: Franklyn Calle

Oct 18

Photographer Kevin Zacher for Under Armour

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Under Armour
Agency: RXM Creative
Producer: Chelsea Solitrin

Oct 18

Lil Wayne cover story by photographer Ramona Rosales

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Magazine: Billboard
Photo Editor: Jenny Sargent

Oct 18

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg for Pepsi

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: Pepsi
Art Director: Shiri Kornowski
Producer: Andrey Yakovlev