Aug 17

“How to Make Ice Cream” by Noah Fecks for Popular Mechanics

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Magazine: Popular Mechanics | “How to Make Ice Cream”
Photo Director: Allyson Torrisi

Aug 17

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg for Levi’s

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: Levi Strauss & Co
Brand Manager: Ashley Puma
Producer: Jeanne K. Fleming

Aug 17

Owens Valley photographed by Peter Dawson

Photographs from Dawson’s ongoing work documenting the intersection of the Mojave desert and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

Photographer: Peter Dawson

Aug 17

Noah Fecks cover + feature photography for Wine Enthusiast

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Photo Editor: Megan Baggot

Aug 17

“Men of Steel” an environmental project by Chris Frazer Smith

Shot in Hertfordshire, England which has a famous history of engineering, innovation, design and the arts; from biochemistry, computing (the manufacturing of Alan Turings “Bombe”), aircraft manufacturing from the outset of WWII, biochemistry research & manufacturing, major film studios, Henry Moore to name a few examples. The manufacturing of aircraft led to a rise in steel and metal fabrication which still thrives across the county.

Photographer: Chris Frazer Smith

Aug 17

Jackson Hole captured by photographer Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher

Aug 17

Ricky Rhodes photography for SLAM Magazine

Rhodes photographed top high school basketball prospect Moses Brown in Jamaica, NY.  Brown will be graduating from Archbishop Malloy High School in 2018.

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Magazine: SLAM Magazine
Creative Director: Alexis Cook
Subject: Moses Brown

Aug 17

Photographer Noah Fecks for Montchevre Cheese

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Montchevre Cheese
Marketing Manager: Melanie Considine

Aug 17

“Cali Feeling” – a photo essay by Erik Chmil

Photographer: Erik Chmil
Location: Malibu, California


Aug 17

Director Amber Gray for Buxom Cosmetics

Director: Amber Gray
Client: Buxom Cosmetics
Producer: Andrea Mitchell
Director of Photography: Julian Bernstein