Aug 17

Lisa Shin photography for Bloomingdale’s

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Bloomingdale’s
Art director: Kelly Aplin

Aug 17

Photographer Kevin Zacher for ESPN

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: ESPN Magazine
Photo Editor: Nick Galac

Aug 17

“A Geisha in NY” by director Amber Gray

Director Amber Gray recently screened her latest film, A Geisha in New York, at The Berlin Fashion Film Festival and The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

Director: Amber Gray
Director of Photography: Julian Bernstein

Aug 17

Cataract Canyon photo essay by Rush Jagoe

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Location: Cataract Canyon, Utah

Aug 17

“How to Make Ice Cream” by Noah Fecks for Popular Mechanics

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Magazine: Popular Mechanics | “How to Make Ice Cream”
Photo Director: Allyson Torrisi

Aug 17

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg for Levi’s

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: Levi Strauss & Co
Brand Manager: Ashley Puma
Producer: Jeanne K. Fleming


Aug 17

Owens Valley photographed by Peter Dawson

Photographs from Dawson’s ongoing work documenting the intersection of the Mojave desert and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

Photographer: Peter Dawson

Aug 17

Noah Fecks cover + feature photography for Wine Enthusiast

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Photo Editor: Megan Baggot

Aug 17

“Men of Steel” an environmental project by Chris Frazer Smith

Shot in Hertfordshire, England which has a famous history of engineering, innovation, design and the arts; from biochemistry, computing (the manufacturing of Alan Turings “Bombe”), aircraft manufacturing from the outset of WWII, biochemistry research & manufacturing, major film studios, Henry Moore to name a few examples. The manufacturing of aircraft led to a rise in steel and metal fabrication which still thrives across the county.

Photographer: Chris Frazer Smith

Aug 17

Jackson Hole captured by photographer Kevin Zacher

Photographer: Kevin Zacher