Jul 17

Director Kevin Zacher for the United Dairy Farmers

Director: Kevin Zacher
Client: United Dairy Farmers | Homemade Brand Ice Cream

Jul 17

Elizabeth Weinberg’s Airbnb project

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Agency: AKQA
Client: Airbnb
Creative Director: Eric Cruz
Art Director: Morris Lee

Jul 17

Drink shots by photographer Lisa Shin

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Magazine: Family Circle
Photo Director: Tina Anderson

Jul 17

Ture Lillegraven photographed Karl Glusman for Esquire

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Magazine: Esquire
Photo Editor: Justin O’Neill
Subject: Karl Glusman

Jul 17

New work by photographer Karan Kapoor

Photographer: Karan Kapoor

Jul 17

Alex Bernstein’s Jaguar XF S photo series

Shot driving through the woods in upstate New York, Bernstein captured the elegance of the sleek Jaguar XF S.

Photographer: Alex Bernstein

Jul 17

Amy Poehler + Will Ferrell by Ramona Rosales for People Magazine

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: People Magazine
Photo Editor: Joe Rodriguez

Jul 17

Rush Jagoe’s Caribbean rhum photo essay

Jagoe spent a few days traveling through the Caribbean to photograph how rhum is made in Martinique, Jamaica, and Barbados.

“Every island had its own feel. Jamaica was lively and dangerous, the people were more willing to spill their hearts and open their homes. Barbados was sleepy. Its beautiful coastal villages seem to close up when the sun goes down, while one or two rum joints will tend to stay open late as a local watering hole and restaurant. I loved getting to see the different climates in Martinique and tasting the differences in rhum made with cane grown on the arid coast versus rhum made in the rainforest at the foot of a dormant volcano.”

Photographer: Rush Jagoe

Jul 17

Elizabeth Weinberg shoot for VICE

Photographer: Elizabeth Weinberg
Client: VICE
Features Editor: Simone Landon
Subject: Mayor Rex Parris

Jul 17

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for Shinola

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: Shinola
Contact: Kelsey Hogan