Aug 16

Lisa Shin photography for Bride’s Magazine

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Bride’s Magazine
Photo Editor: Nicole Williams

Aug 16

Ture Lillegraven photographed Dejounte Murray for ESPN

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: ESPN

Aug 16

Ricky Rhodes’ 2016 Director ShowReel

Director: Ricky Rhodes

Aug 16

Rush Jagoe photographed Michael Gulotta for Food & Wine

Jagoe photographed Michael Gulotta for Food and Wine’s Best New Chef 2016.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe
Client: Food and Wine
Photo Editor: Sara Parks

Aug 16

Peter Dawson exhibition at the Team One Gallery Show

Dawson will be showcasing his landscape photography at the Team One Gallery Show this Thursday, August 11, 2016. Team One is located at 13031 W. Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.

Photographer: Peter Dawson

Aug 16

Lisa Shin’s series “Smoke and Mirrors” featured on PDN Photo Of The Day

Shin’s photo series featured on PDN Photo of the Day.

“In Lisa Shin’s series “Smoke and Mirrors,” the world is composed of bananas and gum balls, horned melons and green bunny Peeps, blue crabs and candy canes, all reflected kaleidoscopically into infinity. The New York City-based still life photographer, whose clients include Sephora, Häagen-Dazs, and Vogue, worked with stylist Eugene Jho on the personal project.”

Photographer: Lisa Shin

Aug 16

PDN lighting article features Ramona Rosales’ photography

“What Do You Think Of When You Hear The Word “Poppy?””

“It’s how Ramona Rosales’s clients describe her style. Jenifer Gobie of Entertainment Weekly, for example, says she recently hired Ramona Rosales to photograph Bebe Rexha “because of her poppy light and energetic photographs that can pull the reader in.””

Photographer: Ramona Rosales

Aug 16

Photographer Ricky Rhodes for Bloomberg Businessweek

Photographer: Ricky Rhodes
Client: Bloomberg Businessweek
Photo Editor: Alis Atwell

Aug 16

Chris Frazer Smith’s photo series “Winter Guns”

Smith photographed a shooting group in east England.

Photographer: Chris Frazer Smith

Aug 16

Fecks shot “The Short Stack CookBook: Ingredients That Speak Volumes”

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Abrams Books
Title: The Short Stack CookBook: Ingredients That Speak Volumes
Publisher: Abrams Books
Creative Director: Nick Fauchald
Creative Director: Rotem Raffe
Author: Nick Fauchald + Kaitlyn Goalen