Aug 15

Kevin Zacher’s promo piece featured on aPhotoEditor

Great review of Kevin Zacher‘s most recent mailer on the blog aPhotoEditor.

Aug 15

Lisa Shin photography for health story

A story about how the cancer history of the father’s family can affect a women’s chances of breast cancer.

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Health Magazine, “Best Life Now: Be Informed”
Creative Director: Lan Yin Bachelis
Director of Photography: Jo Miller
Photo Editor: Allison Chin

1249HE_121_BrstCancr_V3 copy

Aug 15

Photographer Chris Sanders’ portrait of realist painter Ellen Altfest

Part of Sanders’ photographic series, project:artist, an ongoing exploration of working artists.

Photographer: Chris Sanders

Ellen Altfest


Aug 15

Director Amber Gray for Flormar Make-Up

Director: Amber Gray
Client: Flormar Professional Make-Up
Art Director: George Natalia


Aug 15

Rush Jagoe’s portrait of saxophonist Calvin Johnson Jr.

Jagoe photographed saxophonist Calvin Johnson Jr. in The Musician’s Village in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Photographer: Rush Jagoe


Aug 15

Noah Fecks – author + photographer of the “The Way We Ate”

The Way We Ate captures the twentieth century through the food we’ve shared and prepared. Noah Fecks and Paul Wagtouicz (creators of the hugely popular blog The Way We Ate) are your guides to a dazzling display of culinary impressionism: For each year from 1901 to 2000, they invite a well-known chef or food connoisseur to translate the essence or idea of a historical event into a beautifully realized dish or cocktail. The result is an eclectic array of modern takes and memorable classics, featuring original recipes conjured by culinary notables.

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Publisher: Touchstone
Authors: Noah Fecks + Paul Wagtouicz
Title: The Way We Ate


Aug 15

Photographer Noah Fecks for Luc Belaire Champagne

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Client: Sovereign Brands | Luc Belaire Champagne
Client Contact: Tiffany D’Aurizio


Aug 15

Kevin Zacher photographed Monyca Eleogram for Roxy

Photographer: Kevin Zacher
Client: Roxy
Art Director: Chris Vestal

Aug 15

Erik Chmil photography for Volkswagen

Photographer: Erik Chmil
Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Art Director: Daniela Kern
Creative Director: Katharina Wlodasch


Aug 15

Director Ramona Rosales ‘Balloons’ video

Director: Ramona Rosales