Jun 15

Director Paul Murphy received the second place prize at Cannes

Murphy’s film ‘What If?‘ received the second place prize in the charity category for the Young Director Award 2015 during the Cannes Lion Festival.


Jun 15

Ture Lillegraven photographed Maria Sharapova

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Bloomberg Media
Creative Director: Robert Vargas
Photo Editor: Leonor Mamanna


Jun 15

Photographer Erik Chmil for Volkswagen | Cross Polo

Photographer: Erik Chmil
Client: Volkswagen

Jun 15

Photographer Noah Fecks for Wine Enthusiast

Fecks’ cocktail photography for Wine Enthusiast Magazine is now posted on Winemag.com.

Photographer: Noah Fecks 
Client: Wine Enthusiast
Photo Editor: Megan Baggott


Jun 15

Ramona Rosales photographed Azealia Banks for Billboard Magazine

Photographer: Ramona Rosales
Client: Billboard Magazine
Photo Editor: Jenny Sargent




Jun 15

Photographer Peter Dawson for Flexjet

Photographer: Peter Dawson
Client: Flexjet
Agency: Geometry Global
Art Director: Jess Andrews


Jun 15

Health Magazine photography by Lisa Shin

Photography for a story about how technology affects sleep habits.

Photographer: Lisa Shin
Client: Health Magazine, “Best Life Now: Email Habits”
Creative Director: Lan Yin
Director of Photography: Jo Miller
Photo Editor: Allison Chin

L.Shin box

Jun 15

Portrait photography by Karan Kapoor

Kapoor photographed an instructor at a surf school tucked away in Karnataka, a state in southwest India on the Arabian Sea.

Photographer: Karan Kapoor


Jun 15

Photographer Erik Chmil for BMW X3

Photographer: Erik Chmil
Client: BMW
Art Director: Daniele Pancetti

chmil_transportation_126 chmil_transportation_127

Jun 15

Noah Fecks photography for Up South, a Countryman Press publication

Chef and author Nicole Taylor is the host of the popular online radio show and podcast, “Hot Grease,” on Heritage Radio Network. She has been a gourmet candy maker, a member of the Brooklyn Food Coalition, and an instructor of urban farming and food culture. A native of Athens, Georgia, Taylor now lives in the Bedford-Styvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Photographer: Noah Fecks
Author: Nicole Taylor
Publisher: Countryman Press / W.W. Norton
Title: Up South
Art Director: Ann Treistman

UP_SOUTH_NF_1980 copy