May 12

Now representing wardrobe stylist Cliff Hoppus

Anderson Hopkins is excited to announce the addition of wardrobe stylist Cliff Hoppus to our roster!
Based in New York by way of Orange County California, Cliff handles a variety of styling work for women and men.

Check out Cliff’s portfolio online.

May 12

Chris Frazer Smith wins Applied Arts Award

Chris Frazer Smith had various photographs selected for this years prestigious Applied Arts Awards, including the pictures shown here. You can see more chosen work on the “Awards” page of his website.

May 12

Photographer Michael Lavine for CBS

Photographer: Michael Lavine
Client: CBS, NYC 22
SVP + Creative Director: Lesli Lawrence
Photo Department: Rudi Simpson, Kathleen Prutting, Frances Kavanaugh
Photo Coordinator: Paula Breck

May 12

Prop stylist Megumi Emoto for Bloomberg Businessweek

Megumi Emoto worked on the props, background piece, and smoke effects of this cover story for Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

Prop stylist: Megumi Emoto
Client: Bloomberg Businessweek
Photo Director: David Carthas
Photographer: Jamie Chung
Fashion stylist: Jennifer Kim
Groomer: Valissa Yoe
Model: Shane at Parts Models

May 12

Amber Gray for Marie Claire

Photographer: Amber Gray
Client: Marie Claire China
Art Director: Erica Goa

May 12

Photographer Peter Dawson for Mazda

Client: Mazda Zoom-Zoom Magazine
Agency: Redwood, London
Art Director: Jenni Doggett
Writer: John Mahoney

May 12

Outdoor elegance with make up artist Rosemary Redlin

Make up artist Rosemary Redlin worked with photographer Justin Chung on this project featuring wardrobe from Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli.

Hair and make up: Rosemary Redlin
Photographer: Justin Chung
Stylists: Molly Peters
Model: Larissa at Red Models

May 12

Ture Lillegraven shoots Black Hippy for Spin Magazine

Photographer: Ture Lillegraven
Client: Spin Magazine
Director of Photography: Michele Egiziano
Photo Editor: Jennifer Edmondson

May 12

Photographer Anton Watts Lexus CGI project

Photographer: Anton Watts
Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Art Director: Eric Schroeder
Art Buyer: Jason Lau

May 12

Make up artist Rosemary Redlin for Alice & Trixie

Rosemary Redlin was make up artist on this shoot with photographer Troy Paul for Alice and Trixie’s spring/summer 2012 collection.
Alice and Trixie is a womenswear line designed in New York City by Angela Taylor George.

You can see this and more of Rosemary’s make up in her portfolio online.

Stylist: Angela Taylor George
Hair stylist: Leo Crews
Model: Kira @ Fenton Moon